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NostalgiaCraft Store's Terms of Service:

NostalgiaCraft is not affiliated with or supported by Mojang AB whatsoever

These Terms of Service ("Terms") are an agreement between you the "player" and NostalgiaCraft management. By making a donation in the store, you agree to these terms.

I. Donations
By purchasing intangible items from NostalgiaCraft you agree to a no refund policy, as all virtual items purchased have no real-world value nor do they offer any significant in-game advantage. NostalgiaCraft is non-competitive, donation ranks do not offer any significant in-game advantage over other players. We reserve the right to transform or change any rank or any other item. 

II. Our commitment to service
Refund requests due to matters concerning lag, game glitches, or any other issues are subject to the discretion of the NostalgiaCraft administration team. You are responsible for providing as much information to the staff team when an issue is experienced, so we may assist you in the most helpful manner possible.

III. Actionable services
You the "player" have agreed to these terms, waive your right to take any action against the server, staff, members, or website. These terms and conditions take effect indefinitely and immediately after the agreement is accepted. If you break the terms of service of NostalgiaCraft or get banned from the server for the various severe offenses that may result in such action (duping, cheating, community toxicity, etc.), you relinquish your rank privileges as you cannot join the server anymore. 

IV. Unauthorized services
If you are a minor, please do not purchase any items from our store without your parental/guardian's consent. We are not liable or responsible for any charges made by unauthorized use, the responsibility rests on you the player to secure their payment details.